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Be a part of Lubbock LGBT history!

Photo taken at Pride 2015

Vendor Application: All vendors must fill out a Pride Vendor application along with a vendor fee in order to reserve a spot a Pride. Please read all of the information below, if you have any questions please email us at



Vendor location - Pride will be hosted at Maxey Park in Lubbock Texas on August 25th 2018. LubbockPRIDE loves to work with local parks because we want the festival to be not only outside and in a fun location but we like to give back to the city of Lubbock as well. We want to encourage people to enjoy our Lubbock parks and by giving back the parks we can enjoy better recreation equipment and facilities. We would like to thank Maxey Park and the City of Lubbock Parks and recreation for all their help. 


Fees - There is a vendor set up fee for vendors to reserve a space at Pride. This must be paid before you set up at Pride. Fees can be paid via the websites paypal or in person on the day of pride. Vendor fee must be paid in order to set up at pride. You can pay before hand or on the day of. Each 12ft X 12ft canopy space is $20, and an additional $5 for each additional canopy. If you submit your form before August 1st it is $20. We have decided to extend our vendor deadline until August 19th, late fees will be $5 ($25 total).


Permits -If you are selling food you will need a food permit, if you are selling other items you will need to tell us what you are selling on your application. Pride will be taking care of the permits to sell on city property.


Where can I set up? Vendors will be set up outside where the festival will be.


Table and Chairs - Vendors must provide their own tables and chairs. We also highly recommend a canopy or type of shade due to lack of shade at the park. You can also rent tables, chairs and canopy's at Spoil Me Rotten. 


What if I need electricity? We will not be able to provide you with electricity. If you are in need of it we suggest investing in a small generator.


What time do I need to arrive? All vendors will be able to set up between 9am and 11 am; if you would like to set up earlier, please inform us when sending in your forms. This is due to space and the amount of vendors to be set up. All vendors will check in (make sure you have paid or will be paying your vendor fee) and will be escorted to a spot to set up. 



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